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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 2, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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stop stalling. cascade platinum fights cloudy residue 3 times better than the competing gel and helps keep your dishwasher sparkling. cascade platinum. a fox news alert, now to the middle east where israeli prime minister benjamin in then hue is set to make a major announcemin speculation that the conflict in gaza may be coming to 0 an end, this after israel launched dozens of new air strikes. 6 the view license escalating after the alleged kidnapping of an israeli soldier. we're now hearing that israel is pulling some of its forces back toward the border. our john huddy is there reporting live. john, is there any truth to these reports we're hearing so far? >> reporter: yeah, that's what we're hearing, kelly.
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we're also hearing that israeli military officials have been telling people in central sections and northern gaza that they can start going back to 0 their homes and neighborhoods as we're also hearing ground troops are starting to pull back. now, prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expected to speak any moment. you'll be joined by israel's defense minister as well. we're waiting to see what comes out of that. but it could be a significant development in the now more than three weeks of fighting of operation protective edge. i can tell you this. we are have not seen any heavy mobilize 0ation of troops today. no acceleration of the fighting. there's been some outgoing artillery fire, a couple of rocket launches, but nothing even close to the more than three week s of fighting so far of operation protective edge. now, we also understand the primary goal from day one has been to destroy hamas' network
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of cross-boredder tunnels. we're hearing that goal may be accomplished within the next 24 hours, if not sooner. so, again, we're waiting to find out what exactly comes out of this press conference of the statement from israeli prime minister netanyahu and also israel's defense minister. again, as we're hearing that ground forces are starting to pull back from those areas in gaza. kelly? >> as you know, prime minister benjamin netanyahu had said all along that operation protective edge would continue until they could clear out all of those hamas tunnels which provided hamas access into israel to kidnap people and do all kinds of damage and destruction, which is what they wanted to get rid of, that it type of threat." >> reporter: yeah, that's absolutely right. and we actually went into one of those tunnels earlier this week. it's about a quarter mile from
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the gaza border, stretching into israel, very close to an israeli community. it's about 50 feet underground. we went in there. it was very tight, very tight space, but that's right, it's being used to infiltrate this network of tunnels. a couple of days ago we heard that the israeli military was getting very close to destroying that network of tunnels. now we're hearing that possibly that goal may be accomplished, as i said, within 24 hours. so, again, we're waiting to find out what comes out of the press conference or at least the public statement by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and also israel's defense minister as well. and, again, let me be clear. we have not seen an intense mobilize 0ation of troops. i mean, it's been rather quiet. we've seen some explosions, kelly, in the distance, presumably some of these tunnels being detonated. but nothing compared to what we saw this past week, some of the
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bloodiest, most intense fighting so far of operation protective edge. >> which is -- >> reporter: again, we're kind of -- >> john huddy, thank you for bringtiing us up-to-date, what' happening in the gaza area. jewel 0l ljulie? >> joining us from tel-aviv is ambassad a.m. baambassador dan . thank you for talking to us. we are awaiting an important announcement from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, coming amid speculation that the conflict in gaza may be coming to 0 an end, this after a very short-lived cease-fire that collapsed in about two hours, the last one. what do you expect to hear from netanyahu? >> well, i expect prime minister netanyahu to continue to conduct this operation in a very judged
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and in a very responsible manner and show a lot of leadership. i expect what he's going to do is actually show leadership by taking a decision not in dialogue with hamas. these are not people you can have dialogue with. not in an averagement with hamas because these are people that you cannot trust,s as they've shown by breaking cease-fires time and time again. we do not seek an understanding with them, an arrangement with them. we will do what we feel is right for israel. the israeli army and this whole operation started because we wanted to achieve two major goals, to diminish hamas' will and capability to fire rockets at israel and to destroy these horrible death tunnels which penetrate from gaza into israel and exit under kindergartens and
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schools right into israeli villages and cities. we feel that we have -- i expect the prime minister feels and the army feels that they've accomplished both those things. but i do not believe that at the end of the day this is the end of the conflict. you know, as winston churchill said, this may not be the end, it may not even be the beginning of the end, but it could be the end of the beginning. it could start a new chapter in which we, together with the united states and with the leadership of egypt and the region and other countries, like saudi arabia and the gulf states, who feel that we must put an end to this extremism and terrorism of hamas, will seek a totally new reality in the region, and this should involve, i think, the total demilitari demilitarization of gaza and eventually the reconstruction of gaza. >> what do you make of sources
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that benjamin netanyahu said don't force -- after the collapse of the cease-fire in two hours, nepten hue is to have told official never to second-guess him again. >> i don't know 0. i was not prify to that conversation which apparently took place between prime minister netanyahu and the united states ambassador to israel dan sha peerpirshapiro. i think netanyahu is right in telling the world not to second-guess him or israel. they are defending their citi n citizens against a blood thirsty enemy. i think we have made it unable to raise its ugly head not just against us but the people of because saturday and against the world. >> israeli soldiers have now gone to find one of their own. they have entered early saturday
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into gaza, troops there searching for a soldier believed to have been captured yesterday. you can't have a cease-fire if gaza has captured one of their own, can you? >> no, i don't think we're talking about a cease-fire. there is no cease-fire, no agreement with hamas as we said. >> and will there be if they have one of their israeli soldiers? >> no. i believe that we cannot have either a cease-fire or an end to the conflict with hamas until we know the state of that soldier and have him back home safely. i think israel has never left any of its boys behind and i'm sure we will not leave this one, who was cruelly captured, kidnapped by hamas. we're not sure what his fate is, by the way. we hope he's alive, but we will make sure we find him and bring him back home before we reach any kind of agreement with that horrible enemy. >> if you're just joining us, stay with us for a moment, just to keep you up-to-date as to what we are expecting right now,
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expected to make a major announcement. there has been speculation that perhaps the conflict in gaza could come to an end. our guest saying that is most likely untrue. there's not a possible cease-fire that will be able to stick. yesterday there was one that lasted just two hours. there's an israeli soldier now in the hands of terrorists in gaza, as we speak to our guest on the phone. kelly, i want to bring you in now. we have seen this before. we know that gaza and hamas does not settle easily. israeli soerls are up against a very tough fight. there's a lot of criticism about innocent civilians and children who have been killed in this process, but it is hamas right now that is in control of whether or not there is a cease-fire. >> and that's been the stumbling block for israel moving forward. we've seen the cease-fire break
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down again because of an action by hamas that was threatening the people of israel. ambassador gillerman, it's kelly wright. when we see this kind of behavior from hamas, how difficult is it for you to move forward with any kind of cease-fire that could ultimately lead to some sort of a break and thawing of the harsh reality that exists there? that's the fact that you're under duress and under stress. >> well, as i said before, i do not believe that this is about a cease-fire. i believe this is about israel taking an action which it believes to be the right one to actually reposition itself. i'm not even sure that all israeli troops or most israeli troops will be leaving gaza. we first have to make sure that we have destroyed all the tunnels. but even once we've done that, i'm not sure that this will be a total withdrawal of gaza. we'll have to wait and see what the prime minister says, but my
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sense is that this isn't over. it's just a repositioning, taking the lead into our hands. we will no longer be led or misled by hamas or its cronies, and we will take action as we see fit, and we will reposition ourselves and obviously react against any action or any aggress taken by hamas. we will not sit still. we did not go into this battle and into this very bloody war in order to end it with hamas still having either the will or the capability to hurt israelis. therefore, i believe what we will hear from the prime minister is that we have decided to do what we believe militarily strategically is right for us, but this is not a cease-fire, this is not an agreement with hamas, and that will have to come much further along the way
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with the help of eaegypt, the u states and others to make sure that next time there is an agreement that is actually honored by hamas, although 0 it's very difficult to see the very dishonorable people honoring anything. >> ambassador, i want to 0 talk to you about that real quickly. there are some who would criticize israel for its actions in terms of firing weapons or rockets into the gaza area and so much loss of civilian life in gaza compared to the lack of civilian life being lost, for lack of a better word, in israel. so how do you address the criticism that comes against the israeli government and israeli military for carrying out these kinds of launches of -- going against targets in gaza to root out the tunnels as well as missile systems, innocent people being killed in the pro sesz? >> well, you know, i feel pretty confident that i do not have to
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apologi apologize, definitely not to fox news, for not being able to -- >> i'm not asking for an apology, sir. >> no 0, , no. i'm sure that you don't expect me and fox news certainly does not expect me to feel sorry that we cannot provide the world with more gruesome pictures. but, you know as well as anyone that over 2,000 rockets have been shelled at israel, including major cities, including tel-aviv, jerusalem, every village in israel. now, the only reason that we did not have hundreds or thousands of people killed is because we had the technology which was developed together with the united states which managed to interseptember tho interseptember those missiles. at the same time, no country in the world, and i'm sure the united states, would not stand still for one minute after being shelled by rockets.
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i mean, chicago was shelled by rockets across the lake from condition canada it wouldn't take ten seconds for the united states to react. i think all countries are trying to be sainnctimonious about wha we've done, whether it's russia who reacted in a much more brutal way, whether it's the british or american and coalition forces who fought in iraq and afghanistan. we all know that war is a horrible thing and innocent people, sadly, get hurt. but in the case of hamas, it is their fault because while their leaders, their military leadership -- >> sir, i don't want to interrupt you, but before i let you go, i want to talk about the fact that israel defense forces have even put out leaflets and forewarned people in areas where it would strike, that this attack would be coming. >> well, we did. we did something which no other army in the world has ever done.
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we have dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets. we've made phone calls. we've warned people to get out. but, you know, hamas using their own people as human shields. while for us every dead palestinian child is a horrible mistake, for them it's a victory and cause for celebration. they put missiles in hospitals and schools and mosques. you know, if you go to sleep with a missile, don't be surprised if you don't wake up in the morning. >> and israelis are not celebrating every time a civilian or a child is killed in gaza. the president has called the incredibly irresponsible action by hamas storing rockets in crowded neighborhoods a terrible act. and we are certainly not celebrating those civilians, and it's gaza and hamas that are storing those rockets in neighborhoods that they know are populated. they're killing their own people. >> we will continue to follow developments as they unfold 0 in the middle east. we're expecting any moment to hear word from prime minister benjamin netanyahu.
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top 100 shows and movies. i voted! welcome back. joining us on the phone, rick grenell, a former spokesman for four u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. you know we've been following the latest coming out of the middle east, israel in particular. we're anticipating sometime in this hour israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu to give a statement in terms of where the future of this israel/hamas conflict will continue. or will it not continue. is it the beginning of the end, or as we heard from ambassador dan gillerman, the end of the beginning. what do you say about the conflict that's going on and all the unrest ensuing? >> well, kelly, first of all, it's just a horrific situation to be living in a country that is so close in proximity to a
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place that is launching rockets towards you. i mean, if any listener has not been to israel, it's really hard to understand just how close gaza is and how close these rocket launches are to the israeli people. and no one should be second-guessing what the israeli government's responsibility is to its people. they are trying to protect their people from rocket launches. >> no one, including the american people, if i might add. we've seen that some people in
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to 0 give into that kind of drastic action, and that was when some israeli people had captured a young palestinian and killed him in retaliation. so now we've seen that hamas has continued this whole thing, ending cease-fire, cease-fire deals have been brokered but breaking it by attacking israel. so what else is israel supposed to do? >> yeah. i think before anyone criticizes they should really put themselves in the position of being a responsible government official, someone who is directly responsible for the safety and security of large groups of people, whether it's president bush after 9/11, whether it's prime minister netanyahu. i think you have to stop and say, what would you do in a situation where thousands of rockets are coming into your
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country? >> ric, we have to interrupt right now. we understand that israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is coming to the poeld yum right now. >> translator: peace and kauqui and -- our forces are finishing their operation to hurt and neutralize death tunnels, the terror tunnels. we found dozens of tunnels. the hamas did a lot of building these tunnels for dozens of years. this would have enabled the hamas to kidnap and kill israeli
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citizens and soldiers. and attack from several tunnels at the same time. idf soldiers have great success in this fighting. we attack thousands of terror places where rockets were shot into israel, where rockets were prepared. our soldiers are heroes. they are real heroes. this is a very complicated operation which is done in a built area with tunnels, with a
11:24 am
lot of touch with citizens. i am proud of our soldiers and their commanders who are acting in a very, very good way, in a very complicated operation. >> translator: i hurt with the grieving families, and i send them my condolences. and the condolences of all the citizens of israel. they have given the most precious to their lives. their sons have failed to defend our country and our houses, homes. my heart and the heart of all the people are with them. i talk to them, and i know how
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they suffer. i strengthen the family of officer goaden who was kidnapped yesterday. i understand the family. their words touched my heart, and i will talk to them later tonight. itz re israel will do any effort to bring home their son that is missing, bring him home. citizens of israel, your strength enables us to handle this operation and get the targets of the operation. i thank you for standing together in these times. i work together with the defense minister and the chief of staff which enables us to plan this
11:26 am
operation and to act and do exactly what we want. we promise to bring back the quiet to the citizens of israel, and we will continue to act until this is brought. it will take as long as it will take and as much power as needed. the fact that united states and europe understand that we have to stop the terror is a very important thing for israel. we have to dismantle gaza and rockets and ammunition. we have nothing against the citizens of gaza. on the opposite, we are sorry for every citizen who was hurt by mistake.
11:27 am
with the international community, to help us with the idea of dismantling gaza. >> translator: it surprised many but not us, the special connection we have with the countries of the area. this is very important at the end of this operation it will open for us, for israel, new possibilities. hamas is interested that the people of gaza will be hurt and suffer, and therefore the world will blame israel for their suffering. hamas is an organization that with qatar promised secretary of
11:28 am
state and secretary-general ban ki-moon a cease-fire and did not do what they promised. i thank president obama and secretary kerry. they blame hamas for the break of the cease-fire yesterday. we heard similar voices from the leaders around the world. but there are other voices, too. and to them i say, the terror has no boundaries. today it's against israel. tomorrow it will be against other countries. what we are doing against terror organizati organizations, but what will you do? so you stand by israel, a
11:29 am
democratic country who's defending its citizens? or will you stand on the other side and not blame a terror organization who is killing citizens on the other side. we will continue acting until it finishes -- after acting against the tunnels, we will continue acting according to the security needs and only according to the security needs of israel until we have the target of bringing security back to the citizens of israel. have a good week.
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>> translator: hamas people have stopped the cease-fire yesterday morning. the cease-fire that the united states and the united nations, they kid nauped an idf officer and killed others. from here, i send my warm heart to the kidnapped -- the family of the kidnapped soldier and other soldiers whose burial location is not known. we are towards finishing the target of dismantling all the


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